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Mastering EQ for Success


Mastering EQ for Success

Developing Emotional Intelligence & Becoming a People Person


A holistic approach will be taken to help develop the emotional intelligence of participants. This workshop will focus on how to develop good relationships at work, reduce root causes of conflicts and facilitate solutions when conflicts arise. Participants will also be given an e-book on Developing Emotional Intelligence written by the Principal Trainer for this programme.

Desired outcome is for all participants to be coached to be more emotionally intelligent to develop positive relationships at work, and motivated to be better leaders and team players aligned to synergize for team and organizational excellence.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand emotional intelligence and applications to workplace
  • Learn to foster better working relationships
  • Improve leadership, teamwork and team building skills
  • Cultivate effective communication skills for constructive collaboration to improve productivity in the workplace
  • Reinforce positive behaviour and emotional intelligence

For more information and customized programmes, please email or contact Ms Teriya Tan at 6333 4433

Course Outline

1. Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Brain Physiology & 4 Core Skills

2. Intra-personal Intelligence
Raising Self Awareness & Personality Profiling

3. Inter-personal Intelligence
Win friends & Influence People

4. Emotional Intelligence at Work
Becoming a People Person & Influential Multiplier

5. Self-Management
Road Map for a Purpose Driven Life

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