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Make the Most of Your Mind


Make the Most of Your Mind

Developing as Effective Life-long Learners


We are in an economic era where change is becoming a constant and the speed of change is the only certainty. Professionals and executives in organizations have to develop as lifelong learners to remain relevant in this fast changing economic landscape. It is no longer just what you know or what you had learnt, but learning how to learn, that would be the key to continued effectiveness and success.

This workshop will cover the basics in mental literacy and learning skills, including vital skills in effective reading, memory and thinking. Participants from this course will understand the process of learning, and acquire skills and tools to harness their capability to develop as effective lifelong learners; Participants are taught techniques to ‘age-proof’ their brains; to make the most of their minds so that they can realize their potential in life.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Brain Principles and Process of Learning
  • Apply Learning Model of Geniuses
  • Be able to use Mind Maps® to facilitate Learning
  • Understand principles of Recall and improve Memory
  • Develop and nurture intelligent Habits of Mind

For more information and customized programmes, please email or contact Ms Teriya Tan at 6333 4433

Course Outline

1. Developing Life Long Learning
Buzan® 5-Step Learning Plan
Learning How to Learn
Emulating Geniuses
Accelerated Learning
Recall Before, During & After Learning
Nurture Intelligent Habits of Mind

2. Understand Key Brain Principles
Key Principles to Make the Most of Your Mind

3. Success Thinking Skills
Thinking Skills to Cultivate Success

4. Personal Development Plan
Strategies to Nurture Personal Growth

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