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The Art of Happy Living


The Art of Happy Living

Make the Most of Your Life!


‘You are as happy as you make up your mind to be.’ Abraham Lincoln

It is a general truth that happiness is very much a choice we can create and make. However, there are guiding principles we have to understand and apply in the journey of life, so as to make the right choices, avoid pitfalls and navigate blind alleys.

Research and studies have consistently shown that the key to happy living is a balanced life with safe healthy margins maintained in major areas: Self, Ability, Finance & Emotions. Stress weighs in when one falls short or navigates on fringes of these key aspects.

This session will provide a framework of understanding and applications on these key components of a happy and balanced life. You will also learn how you can make your work life more fulfilling and more joyful. Learn the power of transforming your perspective and attitude, and a practical approach with tools, ideas, examples and proven research for transforming your work and personal life.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand key principles leading to happy living.
  • Manage own attitude and make appropriate life choices.
  • Enhance personal effectiveness in work and personal life.
  • Sustain passion at workplace, increase motivation and enjoy work.
  • Balance key priorities and apply principles for achieving a happy life.

For more information and customized programmes, please email or contact Ms Teriya Tan at 6333 4433

Course Outline

1. Laws of Life

2. Power of Choice

3. Four Secrets to Liking Your Work
Head, Heart, Hands & Harmony

  • Power of Perspective
  • Master Motivation
  • Skills to Succeed
  • Harmonize Habits


4. Art of Happy Living
Drawing Conclusions & Decisions

5. Cultivating Thinking Skills
Maintaining SAFE Margins


  • Self-Management
  • Ability Margin
  • Financial Margin
  • Emotional Margin
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