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Developing Lifelong Learners

“It has been my life goal and life work to contribute to the ability to learn how to learn, which I termed as Mental Literacy; the understanding of how our human mind learns and how to harness this tremendous capability. Tony Buzan Learning Centre is dedicated to deliver this goal for both young and adult learners.”

Professor Tony Buzan
Inventor of Mind Map®
Founder Buzan Organisation

Our May/June Holiday Workshops are open for registration! Power Learning Camp (6-7th Jun)... Buzan Writing Skills (5th Jun)... Effective Study Skills (8th Jun)... Buzan Memory & Thinking Skills (13th Jun)...

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Unleash Your Inner Genius!

Discover the art of learning and enhance your capacity and confidence to learn. Using accelerated learning techniques and tools, increase efficiency in learning with Mind Maps and other Buzan brain tools.

May/June 2018 Holiday Workshops are open for registration

Interested in our holiday workshops? Click here to view the schedule or simply call us for more information – 6333 4433 or 6343 4433!

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