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Cultivating Creativity & Innovation


Cultivating Creativity & Innovation

Unleashing Creative Intelligence & Innovative Capacity


Innovation and creativity were once thought to be ‘magic gifts’ possessed only by a few. We now know that these are indeed magic gifts – possessed by everyone. Unleashing the power of your innovation and creativity is simply a matter of understanding how to do it.

Thinking is the operating skill by which our innovative creativity and intellectual potential is realised. As with other skills, it can be learnt and improved with training and practice. In this session, tools and techniques for developing innovative creative intelligence will be taught and an approach provided for unlocking creative power in each individual and nurturing a culture of innovation in the organization.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the process and significance of innovation.
  • Know the characteristics common to innovators.
  • Be aware of best practices to nurture such characteristics.
  • Develop approach to cultivate Creative Intelligence
  • Be able to apply techniques to think innovatively.

For more information and customized programmes, please email or contact Ms Teriya Tan at 6333 4433

Course Outline

1. Understanding Innovation
Process of Innovation & Creativity

2. haracteristics of Innovators
Think BIG: Behavior; Intentional; Great Possibilities
Habitudes: Proactive; Positive; Persevering
Inquiring Mindset
Nurture Thinking Skills
Knowledge Seeking

3. Culture of Innovative Organizations
Global Best Practices

4. UNLOCK Creativity
Approach, Tools & Techniques

5. Personal Applications
Unleashing Creative Potential

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