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Science (Primary School Level)

Our weekly Science classes are structured on the basis of small group co-operative learning, with lessons crafted on Habits of Mind, Multiple Intelligences and Buzan® Mind Mapping and learning techniques.

Our Science curriculum parallels the Singapore MOE school syllabus with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills.


  • Concept & Principles
  • Hand-on Experiments
  • Mind Maps Revision Notes
  • Process Thinking Skills

Buzan 5 Steps Learning Plan

Learning to Learn
  • We equip our students with a good understanding of the learning process, their capacity and confidence to learn.
  • We create an environment that is “brain compatible” so that students can absorb more information and learn in the most effective way.
  • We teach students to think the way master thinkers do.
  • We research tried and tested methods of teaching and learning; and distill the best methodology in each lesson we teach.
  • We use learning techniques and tools to help students increase efficiency in learning. In particular, Mind Mapping, which is universally acknowledged as the most powerful learning tool ever invented, is licensed for the exclusive use of our Centre and Buzan licensed Instructors by Buzan Organisation UK
  • We construct lessons based on how the brain retains information. Our lessons include previews, reviews and recall after learning exercises. We design learning periods to maximize retention of learning.
  • We teach students memory techniques and infuse these applications in our lesson plans.
  • We believe that every “brain” is unique and precious. We believe in the potential of every student that comes through the doors of the centre.

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