Tony Buzan Mind Mapping®


Tony Buzan Mind Mapping®

Improve your memory, creativity and thinking


Course Synopsis

Mind Mapping® is a revolutionary note-taking technique originated by Professor Tony Buzan in 1970 and currently used by more than 300 million people worldwide. It is widely acknowledged as one of the most powerful thinking and learning tools ever invented, and often described as the ‘Swiss army knife for the brain.’

This workshop for teachers will introduce essential mind mapping® skills, and guide practical applications in using it to think, organize and remember; and also as a learning tool for note taking, and teaching tool for classroom applications.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand principles & uses of Mind Mapping®
  • Develop skills & techniques in Mind Mapping®
  • Use Mind Maps® for making presentation
  • Use Mind Maps® for note taking
  • Improve memory and enhance creativity
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Course Outline

1. Principles of Mind Mapping®
Whole Brain & Brain-Friendly Learning

2. Laws of Mind Mapping®
Language & Grammar of the Brain

3. Mind Map® Applications
Presenting & Note Taking

4. Memory & Recall
Recall Before, During & After Learning

5. Mind Maps as a Learning Tool
Accelerating Learning with Mind Maps


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