Teaching Buzan Early Reading & Writing Skills


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Teaching Buzan® Early Reading & Writing Skills

Course Synopsis

This course will provide participants with the necessary techniques and strategies for teaching pre-school children early reading and writing skills, applying Buzan® Montessori methodology.

Participants will learn the process of language development in young children. They will be equipped with a framework understanding of children’s developmental norm, the pedagogy, principles and methods used in teaching English language to young children.

Phonics based approach for reading will be taught in this course. Participants will be introduced to a comprehensive step to step guide on how each set of phonics material/activity is used to teach young children from the age of two onwards.

Participants will be trained on the learning of each basic sound of the alphabetic letters, followed by the necessary techniques in decoding of words. Blending skills will be progressively introduced, and participants will be equipped with the necessary skills and techniques to teach blending skills to young children. They will then be coached on the techniques in getting young children to read phrases, sentences and eventually short stories.

For writing, participants will be introduced to pre-writing materials/activities that will indirectly prepare young children’s hand for writing. Additional materials/activities will also be introduced to cater to different levels of learning progression, so that participants can be equipped to tailor teaching to suit the needs of each individual child.
Graduates from this course will understand the process of how young children learn the English language, acquire the necessary skills and techniques to teach young children to read and write as well as the ability to create interesting teaching materials/activities that suits the learning needs of different children.

Duration: 1 Day

Course Fee: $300 (Payable by Skills Future Credit)

Trainer: Pang Wee Heong

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to help young children:

  • Acquire the basic sounds of the 26 alphabetic letters;
  • Build phonemic awareness and acquire the skills in decoding;
  • Acquire the skills in blending 2-3 letters using Phonics Approach;
  • Develop the ability to read words, short phrases, sentences and short stories with confidence;
  • Prepare their hands for writing with joy and enthusiasm.

Course Outline

  1. Overview of Language Development
  2. Learning of Phonics Sounds
  3. Acquire Blending Skills
  4. Develop Reading Skills
  5. Acquire Writing Skills