Nurturing Young Learners


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Nurturing Young Learners

Buzan 5-Step Learning Plan®

Duration: 1 Day

Course Fee: $300

Course Synopsis

Professor Tony Buzan’s life message and advocate is that every child should learn how to learn and develop as a life-long learner. They should also be taught how to make the most of their wonderful minds so as to help them realize their potential in life.

This course is based on Professor Buzan’s past 40 years research on accelerated learning skills, encapsulated in the Buzan 5-Step Learning Plan® framework, and will equip participants with insights and approach to help young children unlock their learning potential, to succeed in school and develop as life-long learners.

The development of both cognitive and social emotional skills will be covered, including effective reading skills, memory and recall skills, thinking skills, habits of mind and self-management. Participants will also be coached on the use and applications of learning tools and teaching techniques, including Mind Mapping®.

Graduates from this course will understand the process of learning, and acquire skills and tools to help young children accelerate their learning and motivated to be lifelong learners. Given the right nurture, every child can be a potential genius!

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Process of Learning
  • Apply Learning Model of Geniuses
  • Use Mind Maps® to facilitate learning
  • Improve Thinking Skills
  • Acquire Memory Skills
  • Improve Recall and Memory
  • Develop intelligent Habits of Mind


Course Content

  1. Mechanics of Learning
  2. Learning Model of Geniuses
  3. Accelerated Learning Skills
  4. Develop Recall & Memory Skills
  5. Nurturing Habits of Mind