Achieving Personal & Professional Success


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Achieving Personal & Professional Success

Develop & Realise Personal Potential & Productivity

Course Synopsis

This will be a facilitated learning session to equip participants with skills to enhance their personal effectiveness, transforming mindset to change perspectives and attitudes, and generating motivation for continued personal development.

Participants will learn the power of transforming their perspective and attitude, and be equipped with a practical approach, with tools, ideas, examples and proven research to get the best out of themselves, make the most of their time and capabilities, and realize the wonderful potential they can have at work and in life.

Duration: 1 Day

Course Fee: $428

Trainer: Dr Tan Buck Chye

Learning Outcomes

  • Make the Most of Your Mind
  • Habits of Effective People
  • Time Management Techniques
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Emotional Intelligence @ Work
  • Balanced & Purpose Driven Life

Course Content

  1. Art of Capacity Building
  2. Four Essentials to Excel at Work
  3. Think Smart Work Smart
  4. Critical Thinking Skills
  5. Decision Making & Problem Solving
  6. Self-Management

Participants’ Feedback


I spent a day with my colleagues learning much from Dr Tan Buck Chye. The course was very well conducted and he helped to make it more personal by sharing many real life stories, antidotes. I learnt many techniques to help me re-look my life both and work and at home to be a more effective individual. I learnt important lessons on how to prioritize, doing first things first, creating margins, amongst many others. Definitely a must go.



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