Mind Mapping to Improve Productivity @ Work


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Mind Mapping to Improve Productivity @ Work

Practical Approach to Transforming Your Personal & Work Life

Course Synopsis

Mind Mapping® is a revolutionary note-taking technique originated by Tony Buzan in the 1970s and currently used by more than 400 million people worldwide. It is widely acknowledged as one of the most powerful thinking and learning tools ever invented, and often described as the ‘Swiss army knife for the brain.’

This workshop will introduce essential Mind Mapping® skills, and guide practical applications in using it to improve productivity at the workplace.  Participants will be trained to use Mind Maps® for unlocking their creative thinking, improve memory and using it as an executive tool for planning, organizing, managing meetings, brain storm, innovation, creative ideation and problem solving. They will also be equipped to use Mind Maps® for making presentation, note taking, taking minutes during meetings and knowledge management.

Duration: 1 Day

Course Fee: $428

Trainer: Dr Tan Buck Chye

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop skills and techniques in Mind Mapping®
  • Use Mind Maps® for planning & organizing
  • Use Mind Maps® for note taking and making presentation
  • Use Mind Maps® for managing meetings and taking minutes
  • Use Mind Maps® for brain storming, problem solving & decision making
  • Cultivate innovation & creative intelligence to improve productivity at work

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Mind Mapping®
  2. Mind Mapping® Workplace Applications
  3. Mind Maps® as an Ideation & Thinking Tool
  4. Sharpen Vocational Skills with Mind Maps®



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13th May / 9am-5pm