Asking Good Questions


Asking Good Questions

Elevate Thinking & Accelerate Learning


Course Synopsis

Young students have a natural sense of curiosity with brains wired to be constantly seeking for understanding and acquiring knowledge of the world around us. It is important to encourage and nurture this desire to question as a habit of mind. Teachers can model this process by teaching through asking good questions that will stimulate thinking, and coaching students to learn through questioning.

This workshop will address the importance and power of asking questions, and how teachers can ignite sparks in students with good questions to exercise process thinking skills, integrating understanding and accelerating learning. The characteristics, benefits and techniques of asking good questions will be explored and explained.

Participants will be coached on the mechanics of framing good questions, skills in asking questions, infusing process of questioning in their lessons, as well as crafting good test questions in Science.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the nature, power and characteristics of good questions
  • Determine & overcome what hinder students from asking questions
  • Apply techniques and skills in framing and asking good questions
  • Infuse good questions in their lessons and review exercises


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Course Outline

1. The Power of Inquiry
Harnessing the Power of Questions

2. The Purpose of Questions
Characteristics & Value of Good Questions

3. Mechanics of Good Questions
– Bloom’s Taxonomy
– Framing Good Questions to Stimulate Thinking
– Art of Asking Question

4. Using Questions as a Learning Tool
– Facilitating Class Discussions
– Inquiry-based Teaching
– Problem-based Learning
– Co-operative Learning

5. Asking Questions as a Habit of Mind
Cultivating an Inquiring Mind


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