Accelerated Learning


Accelerated Learning


Course Synopsis

First part of workshop will introduce a framework for accelerated learning under Buzan 5-Step Learning Plan® for developing students to be life-long learners. It is a holistic approach based on Tony Buzan’s research and life work on learning.

The second part will present Mind Mapping® as a teaching tool with modeled application and discussion on lesson planning and delivery in a ‘brain-friendly’ manner for effective transfer of learning.


Course Outline


Accelerated Learning

Buzan 5-Step Learning Plan®

Learning How To Learn
Emulating Geniuses
Accelerated Learning
Recall & Memory
Nurture Intelligent Habits of Mind


Mind Mapping®

Accelerated Teaching Tool

  • 6 Laws of Mind Mapping®
  • Mind Map® Presentation
  • Mind Map® Note Taking
  • Brain Friendly Lessons


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